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Time for Europe
to Shift Gears

Cycling is democratic, affordable, and a reliable means of transport for people at all income levels. Unlocking the potential of cycling promotes health, strengthens the European bicycle industry, generates millions of jobs, and contributes to cleaner air, less congestion, and safer neighbourhoods.

That is why we want to shift gears for Europe! We call on MEP candidates to commit to supporting cycling in the upcoming political term. With the adoption of the European Cycling Declaration, MEPs have a unique opportunity to ensure that cycling becomes a top EU political priority and that citizens can enjoy the benefits.

As MEPs, your support for cycling helps to generate 2 million jobs, foster social equity, and tackle the climate crisis.

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MEP candidates have committed to supporting cycling in the next parliamentary term!


Are you a candidate for the EU elections? Use your voice for your constituents and commit to more and better cycling.


Are you an NGO, citizen group, or an individual? Share your support for our campaign, urging MEPs to shift gears for Europe!


Better social equity for European citizens

Cycling provides citizens of all income levels with an affordable and efficient means of transport.

More tourism income for local businesses

Cycling tourism accounts for a yearly economic value of €44 billion. It is linked to 682,000 jobs in the EU and creates as much, if not significantly more, economic value as cruise tourism.

More jobs and a stronger economy

Cycling already provides approximately 1.35 million jobs in the EU. A cycling industry that is better supported by the EU can sustain well over two million jobs.

Climate and environment

The EU cannot achieve its climate and air quality goals without more cycling. Riding a bicycle is one of the cleanest ways to move and is a proven way to contribute to wider emissions reductions goals


Time for Europe to Shift Gears - a manifesto for the 2024 European elections to unlock the benefits of cycling for all EU citizens.

ECF's manifesto for the 2024 European elections outlines the benefits of cycling and six concrete action points that MEPs can take to ensure that citizens can experience the benefits of cycling firsthand.

to unlock cycling’s potential for EU citizens by 2030

cover of the Shift gears for Europe manifesto